AI Generated – Top 10 AI Data Extraction Tools of 2024

This is an AI generated video using Invideo AI Tool ( that summarizes in around 12min the Top 10 AI Data Extraction Tools that exists in the market by 2024-03-25.

This video was not edited in any way after AI generation, let me know what you think in the comments:
– Do you agree with the AI presented Facts and their Chronological order?
– What about the music and art used in this AI Generated video, how does it compare with manually created videos?
– Are there other AI tools in the market that provides a similar service?

In addition to the above, below are the Top 10 AI Data Extraction tools mentioned in this Video:
10- DataRobot:
08- Diffbot:
07- Octoparse
06- ParseHub
05- Mozenda
04- Content Grabber
03- IBM Watson
02- Google Cloud AI
01- MS Azure