What is Octoparse task template and how to use it?

Octoparse’s Templates are ready-to-use scraping tasks for popular websites with varying scraping needs. Our templates contains crawlers made for ecommerce websites such as Amazon, eBay etc, social medie (e.g. Twitter) as well as search engine like Google.
It is a time-saving way to use template as you only need to follow the instructions to enter the required parameter. Tons of data can be extracted without doing the configuration yourself.
Let’s follow us to know more about Octoparse templates in this video!

Check here for the corresponding tutorial you are interested in more details: https://helpcenter.octoparse.com/en/articles/6470913-what-is-a-task-template

00:00 What is a task template
00:35 The Template Gallery
01:36 How to request a new template
02:14 Template details page & important indicators
02:33 Apply for a 14-day trial of Octoparse premium plans
03:43 Use the template